As far as Western human rights abusers

Romania and Lithuania knowingly hosted secret CIA jails

We didn’t. We tortured KSM, though. We actually capture him by being nice to informants. It’s a classic example of catching more flies with honey.The Pakistani officers questioned the men canada goose outlet montreal caught at the various locations, including Rabbani. It was all very civilized. An ISI colonel served Rabbani tea as canada goose outlet washington dc they talked. It was related website more like a chat; nothing like the rumored tales of canada goose outlet orlando ISI beatings of detainees. Rabbani described how he paid the bills, and was sort of an administrator. On further questioning, he said he was also watching KSM children. At one point, the kids were brought into the room.As far as Western human rights abusers, I say the cartels are king. ISIS was basically an oil canada goose outlet england cartel based on Wahabism and surprisingly complex bureaucracy. Religion kept the people in line canada goose outlet winnipeg and kept ISIS unified and strong and ready to fight, but at the end of the day, it was all about the money I think.So cartels based more purely on money are the same disease. canada goose outlet eu The Mongols. The Aztecs. The Spanish. The British. Comparing civilizations, there are no innocent peoples, though very clear winners. Literally just the fact, Jack. Doesn mean we shouldn always try to be better canada goose outlet online store review people, but it always good to understand that states canada goose outlet edmonton will generally collectively act in their own self interes, as that is how power and stability is maintained. Sometimes that means violence. It a human issue, you be naive and ignorant to both human history and current events to canada goose outlet in chicago call it a uniquely American problem. America only is particularly unique in that we also have killed the most people at all once with nuclear weapons.Anyways canada goose outlet us I though the previous commenter was saying the CIA is the most canada goose factory outlet toronto location violent organization, which canada goose outlet factory is of course asinine.The canada goose outlet reviews Strasburg based court said Lithuania hosted a CIA canada goose coats canada goose uk jail between February 2005 and March 2006 and Romania between September 2003 and November 2005.Most of those people never returned. Russia under Stalin canada goose outlet woodbury murdered far more people than the Nazi When the Nazi first invaded there was support for that one reason. They were literally saviors to these countries. It includes all signatories, including Russia.The Court has an overwhelming backlog. Whilst this is canada goose outlet store new york of pragmatic importance, its critics point instead to its tendency to canada goose kensington parka uk interpret the law in ways that it thinks ought to be the case, and not what it in fact is. The court makes new law. And the decisions that it canada goose outlet usa takes bind national law. Each signatory to the convention, which is by no means as it was in 1950, finds its domestic law subject to mission creep. Mission? Most certainly, mission.Human rights have become a protean and inchoate concept. For some of their advocates, they are simply a way of elevating political aims to a grander plane, thereby intimidating their opponents. For example, canada goose outlet in vancouver the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms guarantees our right to “strike action”, “free healthcare” and “affordable housing”. These may be perfectly good ambitions, but in what sense do they constitute basic, inalienable freedoms.

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