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Yousaf Zafar, Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Dr. Najeeeb Khan, Joint Secretary Ministry of Information, Dr. Hassan Rasool, Asst. “We put people first in everything we do at Messenger, and today we are beginning to roll out a new option within Messenger to better support conversations about sensitive topics,” Facebook said in a blog post.The language is familiar for the social media giant, whose CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly stated that the company’s goal is to “connect the world.”Many tech companies, including Apple, have introduced end to end encryption to users in a bid to guarantee privacy, a growing concern for many. Whether that’s appropriate is up for debate, with some people arguing that law enforcement groups should be able to access the communications of criminal suspects.Messenger’s encryption will be optional. That’s because part of the platform’s appeal is that you can use it across devices.

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