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Collections inspire women to embrace their individuality with romantic and feminine pieces that capture the unforgettable moments of life. Pat. No. Finally, in one pair it was unclear whether there were any differentiating characteristics.Comparison of index meta analyses with v without additional meta analysesThere was no significant association between the evaluated characteristics of index meta analyses and the potential for redundancy, including venue of publication, type of condition, type of intervention, and country of origin (table 3).Table 3 Association between characteristics of index meta analysis and possibility for redundancy in a topicView this table:View popupView inlineTopics with many overlapping meta analysesThere were four topics with eight or more overlapping meta analyses (table 4). For statins for atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery, all meta analyses considered the same interventions (all available statins were eligible) and the same setting (cardiac surgery), except for one early meta analysis that also included a single trial in a different setting (acute coronary syndrome). Conversely, for three other topics (chemoprevention for colorectal neoplasia, pharmacotherapy for fibromyalgia, antiepileptics for refractory epilepsy), the index meta analysis had typically considered several drugs or interventions, while some of the other meta analyses on the same topic considered only one of these interventions.

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