ResultsThirty of the 100 included randomised controlled trials

2. Shigella Shigella are a genus of rod shaped Gram negative bacteria. Similar to Salmonella, they are non spore forming. The quality of the trials was assessed using the quality checklist of the Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Review Group.13 The quality of the qualitative studies was assessed using a modified checklist from the critical appraisal skills programme.14 These modifications included further details on whether the qualitative approach was justified and appropriate to the research question, whether the research context was described adequately, and items to differentiate adequate reporting of methods from the appropriateness of those methods, in relation to the research question. We summarised the findings of the study narratively.ResultsThirty of the 100 included randomised controlled trials had qualitative work associated with them. Nineteen of these qualitative studies were published, either as stand alone papers or within another paper.

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