This provides notice to those who see the written materials

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You do not need to wait until your trademark is nationally registered to begin protecting your right to it, however. When using your business name on marketing materials or other written matter, you can demonstrate your claim to the name as a trademark by adding a small “TM” at the end of the word. This provides notice to those who see the written materials that you consider the name to be proprietary and should not be “borrowed” by others.

cheap oakley sunglasses For instance, says Oakley, the report underlines the fact that some New England locales do not have the same anti discriminations protections for gender identity as they do for sexual orientation. In Massachusetts, the Transgender Equal Rights Bill, enacted last year, did not include public accommodations protections; efforts are underway to address that issue at the state level, but in the meanwhile municipalities could enact local policies. “New England has been a real leader on LGB issues, and to some extent on transgender issues,” says Oakley cheap oakley sunglasses.