‘His aides advise him to splash out during electoral campaigns

You learn that he pulled it off by killing anyone who him. He was rich. He was dangerous. I also wouldn’t be shocked to hear that Shack was nursing an injury all season. That’s part of the game though if they’re well enough to play and not risk further injury, then that shouldn’t really be used an excuse for poor play. Not saying you or anyone is making that excuse, just not sure those types of injuries should be lumped in with the true season enders like Reed’s and Supinski’s.

Allan Dockerty added his memories “Although I couldn’t place the photograph of Berry Fruits exactly, I do remember, in the early 60s, a fruit and veg. Company called Berry who operated behind the open and covered markets. My auntie ran Geenwood butchers stall in the market and my mum and myself were frequent visitors.

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