If she’s found mentally deficient

On the other hand, most of the sightings that have been reported take place during regular daytime visiting hours. Another plus for ghost enthusiasts is that the place is so vast the cemetery could be somewhat busy and you may still never run into another living being. There are plenty of remote places to investigate..

Bohren said he will look to schedule a trial in March or as soon as prosecutors and Cotton are ready. If Geyser is convicted, the mental illness plea necessitates another trial to determine her mental state at the time of the crime, Cotton said. If she’s found mentally deficient, she would be ordered confined to a mental hospital.

Half of Plains Township is deemed a conservation district, he said, indicating that variances were necessary to make use of the land. Adjacent to his property is land formerly owned by a cousin Marty O’Malia. The new owner wants to strip the top soil off the land but can’t do so without the required permits.

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