1 pounds complete and the frame comes in at 5

It’s humbling to know that I’m looked up to as a role model, not only to adults, but children around the world. Honestly, that is why I’m a Global Ambassador for the McDonald’s Champions of Play I have the chance to encourage kids, like Tessa, to understand the importance of fun play and balanced eating. It’s all about balance; something I have had to learn while juggling being a mother and a competitive athlete..

payday advance Like any good XC bike, the Zaskar Carbon 100 9r Pro is great at eating miles of singletrack. Our size large test bike weighed 25.1 pounds complete and the frame comes in at 5.6 pounds (claimed with shock, headset, seat clamp online payday loan, rear axle, size medium). That slightly more than some pure racers 100mm travel Cannondale Scalpel frame weighs about a pound less it not far off the mark, and is competitive with other endurance style bikes. payday advance

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