My original post was censured so I calmed this one down

For most of the families in between, home values have traditionally been the key to accumulating household wealth. Yet with prices sagging, at least until the past year or so, the rate of home ownership dropped to 65.2%, the lowest level in a generation, according to the Fed. It said the average household wealth derived from housing sank 3.1% from 2010 to $159,400 last year.

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cash advance online Some of Renda’s “borrowers” were members of the Civella Mafia family, based in Kansas City, a family that helped control Las Vegas and the Teamsters. The loans were regularly rolled over, including interest, instead of being repaid.Other bad news borrowers had ties to Carlos Marcello’s gulf states Mafia family, which at the time of President Kennedy’s assassination employed Jack Ruby and friends and relatives of Lee Oswald, and also has been tight with the Teamsters.In Florida, Renda worked with Michael Rapp, who had entered the federal witness protection program as Michael Hellerman. Hellerman had worked for John “Johnny Dio” Dioguardi, a Lucchese family captain, who used pay offs, extortion and murder to create illegal cartels in the food, clothing, trucking and securities industries.Indicted for fraud in three federal districts, Renda copped a plea for five years in prison and restitution of a paltry $10 million, without incriminating any big fish borrowers.Surely, the FBI should have immediately traced every loan Renda arranged at every institution he dealt with cash advance online.