Her small kitchen, where she creates her desserts on one

Many Jews that are not particularly observant for the remainder of the year feel compelled to comply (at least in part) with the stringent requirements of this festival. Pesach is based on the biblical commandments to commemorate the exodus from Egypt, to eat Matzah and eliminate chametz (leaven) from your home during the eight days. No Jew may own or possess chametz in any form for the duration of the festival..

Cheap Canada Goose Her challenge? She does all that in her 750 square foot house, nestled in a suburban Jamaican neighborhood. James shares one of the house’s two bedrooms with her 6 year old son, so the other can house giant mixers and baking equipment. Her small kitchen, where she creates her desserts on one counter, is dominated by an 8×8 foot “reach in” cooler. Cheap Canada Goose

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