These are not our local Canada geese but the wild ones

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileStaff from the Outdoor Centre learned the technique Monday after quickly lining the perimeter of a building on the University of Calgary campus with cushy mats to ensure the goslings survived the almost five metre drop.”[The distance was] not huge, but pretty big for a tiny gosling without any feathers,” said Finlay MacNeill, who is the cross country ski and paddle programs co ordinator with the Outdoor Center.A family of Canada geese, like the one pictured above, nested on the roof of a building at the University of Calgary but found themselves in a tough spot when the babies hatched. (CBC)MacNeill says the parents nested on the roof above his office in the spring, but when the babies hatched they couldn’t get down. He was the one who discovered the goslings were in trouble.All of the goslings managed to safely jump from the roof to the crash pads set up by the U of C’s Outdoor Centre.

canada goose It is always a thrill to see flocks of high flying geese winging their way south, possibly coming from Alaska. These are not our local Canada geese but the wild ones. It is interesting to note that the Canada goose has been split into two species the Canada goose and the smaller, darker cackling goose. canada goose

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