Hollywood Science: The neutrino related stuff in 2012

Its target release date was Spring 2018. As seen in One Thousand Levels Down and Princess Leia, Alderaanians are being hunted down by the Empire http://www.smuleadershipsymposium.com/2013/08/14/known-as-stress-incontinence/, due to fears that they have been radicalized and will subsequently join the Rebel Alliance. Canon Immigrant: The Anzat species from Republic are recanonized, along with them being Force sensitive (or at least Zanni is). Continuity Nod: Early game footage of Mos Elrey had graffiti of a rebel starbird on one of the arches. Assuming it was by Sabine, this also means there was a Noodle Incident or is Foreshadowing of Sabine going to Tatooine. Concept art showed ISB Agents on Tatooine. A superweapon created from or against a material native to a hero’s homeworld and is used against the people they care about by turning their bodies into. not flesh. also happened in Rebels. Mythology Gag: Doc’s appearance is based off of Ralph McQuarrie concept art. Schrdinger’s Canon: It is currently unknown if the game’s story is still canon to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, as fellow cancelled items such as Uprising and the unfinished episodes of The Clone Wars were cancelled but have been expressed by Word of God to be told in another form in the future. Sequel Hook: Well, there was supposed to be a sequel, and it would’ve featured Robie as the protagonist. You Can’t Go Home Again: Dodger ran away from Alderaan as a teen. Now, it’s gone. Mos Elrey also gets wrecked by a superweapon.

Compare him to Michael Bay. This is probably for the best. Contrived Coincidence: A frequently employed tool in his work, particularly in 2012, Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. In short, it’s best not to think to hard about how his heroes make their way towards survival; just be happy that they do. Conspiracy Kitchen Sink: Although he is best known as a Master of Disaster, nearly all of his movies feature a popular conspiracy/fringe theory in some fashion (from Ancient Astronauts (Stargate) to Area 51 (Independence Day) and Atlantis like pre civilizations (10,000 BC), and even the less exotic one about Shakespeare not having written his plays (Anonymous) Disaster Movie/Epic Movie: Usually in tandem. Genre Throwback: Almost all of the summer blockbusters that he’s made tend to homage B Movies. Stargate was this for Sci Fi films. Independence Day was this for Alien Invasion flicks. The above film, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 are these for Disaster Movies. 10,000 BC was this for “Prehistoric” picture shows from the 50s. Hollywood Science: The neutrino related stuff in 2012. Also, the thermodynamic forces at play in The Day After Tomorrow moved faster than in real life (obviously). Loads and Loads of Characters: The cast listing for his films run long. 2012 alone credits 150 people in the cast, both credited and uncredited. Monumental Damage: His disaster movies always feature at least one monument getting destroyed or damaged. Rule of Cool: Absolutely any film that he’s involved in. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Rule of Fun Running Gag: Something bad usually happens to the White House in his films whether it’s being blow up by aliens, having an aircraft carrier smashed into it, or being occupied by terrorists.

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