Just when we thought we had Q*bert under control, YOU HAD TO GO AND FIND A BAD LINK. How are we gonna get him to stop yelling those crazy words? Know what the worst part is? Now the guys behind this website are gonna get yelled at for having a bad link. And for making this page. AND for playing Q*bert during work hours. Thanks.

404 Error. Page not found. :(

High score: Doris Self

AND now I can't stop starting (stop...starting?), ahem, STARTING sentences with conjunctions. Before a function. And a junction. Oh my. WAIT, is "before" a prepostition? Or is it an adverb? Could it be a conjunction? I think it's all three. Hmmmm...

Ok, so back to the whole "bad link" thing. I mean, what makes a link bad? Did that link do something wrong? Not really. It just wasn't there. I think that makes it more of a "lazy link." Could we just start saying that instead? Would you be ok with that? Will I ever quit asking questions, and stick to making statements? Will my relationship with this soft drink on my desk last forever?

Sorry. 404 - that spells moon. We can't find the link. But worry not, some super nerd programmer guy in the basement has a record of this "bad link" now, and we'll get right on it.

k, back to Q*bert...

Editor’s note: I personally own a painting of Coily. It’s super rad, and you should be super jealous.