PreSonus Sphere: A Complete Solution for Guitarists

Studio One Professional, included in PreSonus Sphere, is perfect for the songwriting guitarist. Use Chord Track to create new chord progressions; play along in real-time using Chord View.

The Arranger Track lets you make major song structure changes via drag-and-drop, and the Show Page lets you add backing tracks to your live shows, both in-person or online.

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All the Amps, None of the Weight.

PreSonus Sphere members also have access to Ampire, Pedalboard, and Ampire High Density Pack.

These amp and stompbox effects plug-ins are meticulously State-Space modeled recreations of the classic circuit and cabinet designs that you’ve heard on a thousand hits.

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Tom Brechtlein Drums Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Tom Brechtlein’s signature funky grooves are included in both stereo and multi-track editions.

Jam along and create new grooves all your own. All included in PreSonus Sphere.

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Master Mixing with PreSonus Sphere

Inside PreSonus Sphere, you’ll also find Masterclasses on capturing the perfect acoustic guitar tone in your recordings, mix critique livestreams, Ampire tone sculpting, and so much more.

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Get the Band Together

PreSonus Sphere also features collaboration tools that let you exchange files, mixes, and timeline-based comments with ease, now completely integrated into Studio One’s Browser, PreSonus Sphere, and the MyPreSonus app.

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​ Audio Interfaces for Guitarists

PreSonus was founded by a guitarist 25 years ago, and we’ve been at the forefront of audio interface design and innovation ever since.

Every PreSonus audio interface has two things in common: amazing mic preamps and clean, transparent sound.

Studio 24c: pint-sized powerhouse.

Get best-in-class audio performance and flexible connectivity without breaking the bank.

Professional metering makes it easy to keep an eye on your levels when solo recording. USB bus power lets you record on the go.

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ioStation 24c: all-in-one interface and controller.

A desktop studio powerhouse with an amazing-sounding two-channel audio interface built into a flexible DAW controller featuring a touch-sensitive motorized fader and full transport control plus a footswitch input to start and stop recordings right from your pedalboard.

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Quantum 2626: Thunderbolt 3 for ultra-low latency.

Thunderbolt 3 connectivity delivers the lowest latency possible, and 8 front-mounted XMAX preamps make recording even a full band a breeze.

A stereo analog insert also lets you add boutique hardware to the mix.

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Accessories for Guitarists

PreSonus makes everything you need to build the ultimate home recording experience.


PM-2s, our small-diaphragm condenser microphones, are perfect for elegantly capturing acoustic guitars. Record amps and vocals with the PD-70, our dynamic cardioid broadcast microphone.

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Studio Monitors

Designed to accurately reproduce audio without any coloration or hype, our speakers are some of the best-selling in the world.

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