Got some not-so-great news for ya.

404 Error. Page not found. :(

This message is fun a’cational!

Got some really, really bad news. It seems that, well—

This website ain’t feeling so hot.

I know, maybe we should’ve read a really helpful “self-help” book on breaking bad website news, but we’ve been busy.

Busy doing, ya know...other website uhhhh, stuff? Yeah! Helpful, helpy, web-stuff. Just not the kind you’re looking for apparently.

OK, look...I didn’t go to the best school to learn this stuff. I thought I’d be moving satellites with some kinda craycray-like computer, but OH NO. Instead my computer science teacher made us sit down using her PET computer, playing math games and Oregon Trail.

So there. Now I feel bad that this is all I could come up with. Happy now? Good. I’m glad. Maybe next time you won’t have to yell at me.

Oh. Right. And uhhhh, sorry. 404. My bad.

Ya know, they really should’ve paid these guys more. Especially Cave. That dude is awesome. AND handsome. And those other guys? Well, they’re...they’re cool too.