Release the sounds!

Presence XT Editor unlocks the Edit Page of Presence XT, Studio One’s built-in sample player instrument. It turns an already great-sounding instrument into an intuitive, powerful sound design tool for musicians, producers, and sound designers. With direct support for all major sampler formats, it's the perfect host for any custom sampler sound library.

Presence XT Editor supports popular sample formats such as WAV, Kontakt (unprotected), Giga, SoundFont and EXS24. You can edit mappings, layers, and various trigger options. Assign articulations to key switches with just a few clicks. Then add additional realism to sounds with manual or automated sound shaping and sample playback variations using the powerful JavaScript based script editor and create effects like fret noise, key-clicks, or legato via scripts. In addition, 8 assignable knobs and buttons are available as custom script controls.

Finished sounds can be saved as Presence XT presets or exported in a compact sampler file containing all samples, mappings, scripts, and settings for convenient file sharing and exchange.

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Take control.

You don’t have to be a coding ninja to create expressive sampler instruments with robust performance control. Flexible layer parameters let you to define variations, articulations, and key-switches with just a few clicks! Furthermore, Layers allow you to stack samples as velocity layers for dynamic sound-changes and define round-robin variations for natural and realistic re-triggering (good for percussion hits or pizzicato/ staccato variations) You can even assign layer variations to keys, for fast and easy switching between articulations with one hand while playing with the other. This pairs nicely with Studio One 5’s new key switch automation lane.

Furthermore, Presence XT’s 8 assignable knobs and 8 assignable buttons can be used as performance controls—assigning and naming these controls is from Presence XT Editor is a breeeeeze.

Stick to the script.

More adventurous, professional, or nerdy sound designers will LOVE digging into Presence XT Editor’s Javascript Engine. In fact, PreSonus partners like e-Instruments and Chocolate Audio have already used Presence XT Editor to produce complex instruments currently available at Combine this with Studio One’s Sound Set Builder and you’ll be making your own sampler instruments with a little practice! You can, of course, import and export scripts, and you also get a built-in function and parameter reference that’s just a click away.

The Presence XT Editor is available for individual purchase as an add-on to Studio One, or as part of a PreSonus Sphere membership!