Worship Musician Quantum 2626 review

“"...could be your game-changer."”

Mitch Bohannon, Worship Musician, May 2020

All Things Gear Quantum 2626 review

“"...about as close to perfect as you’re going to get."”

Christian de Looper, All Things Gear, May 2020 Quantum 2626 review

“"...ein sehr gutes, sehr schnelles Interface mit vielen Ein- und Ausgängen für wenig Geld."”

Jan-Hendrik Schmid,, May 2020

InsideAudio Quantum 2626 review (Dutch)

“"Het is uitstekende interface, vooral als je kijkt naar de prijs."”

Jeffrey Muller, InsideAudio, August 2020

Recording mag Quantum 2626 review

“"...the fastest interface I have ever used, and an absolute workhorse to record through."”

Alex Hawley, Recording (U.S.), August 2020

Performer Quantum 2626 review

“"... we’d use this as the centerpiece of a pro studio any day of the week."”

Ben Ricci, Performer, July 2020

Mix Quantum 2626 review

“"...prepare to be amazed. The Quantum 2626 will change the way you record."”

Mike Levine, Mix, August 2020

InsideAudio Quantum 2626 review (English)

“"It's an excellent interface, especially when you consider the price."”

Jeffrey Muller, InsideAudio, August 2020

MusicTech Quantum 2626 review

“ this price, the unit is hard to beat.”

Barry Watson, MusicTech, October 2020

Church Production Quantum 2626 review

“... a very compelling option for ministries.”

John Spicer, Church Production, October 2020

MusicRadar Quantum 2626 review

“Lightning fast latency and quality Class A mic pres in a truly affordable package make the Quantum 2626 a highly desirable interface.”

Jon Musgrave, MusicRadar, November 2020

ProSound (Russia) Quantum 2626 review

“The PreSonus Quantum 2626 has confirmed its reputation as a technology leader in the market for highly affordable studio audio interfaces.”

Maxim Lyadov, ProSound (Russia), December 2020