I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't find that link.

404 Error. Page not found. :(

Sorry, HAL messed up.

Yikes! Seems the super-awesome-psycho computer that runs this Web site made a bit of a mistake. We're not gonna beat around the bush: That page you were looking for... yeah, that one. Yup, that's the one. Well...

We kinda can't find it.

Now, I dunno if that link just got up and ran away, or if one of the computer geeks in the basement (Ok, let's be real...we're in southern Louisiana—we don't have basements here...but it sounds good, right? I'll keep saying basement...


One of the computer geeks in the basement might've messed up again. It's always their fault, right? Let's blame them, as it's impossible that someone in the marketing department made a mistake. Those guys never make mistakes. Ever. And they're really neat, good looking folks, too! Just can't get enough of the wonderful, talented people in marketing.

So yeah, what was I saying?

Whatever, just blame uhhhh...that other guy.

Does this movie ever get old?